How do I get to the Facility?
If coming from I-20 east (Atlanta area) you get off of exit 34.  Then make a left onto Highway 5.  Continue straight for approximately two miles and the facility will be on the left.

What can I bring?
You may bring light personal items to include but not limited to: clothing, pictures of family, blankets, a cell phone, and small personal items.

Can I do my family member’s laundry?
Yes family may choose to do their loved one’s laundry.  Also, this option can be changed if needed.

How do I admit a loved one from the hospital?  What Information is Needed?
Please call the facility at 770-942-7111 and speak with the admissions department.  Someone will be happy to speak with you.

Are meals prepared on-site?
Yes.  Three meals per day plus snacks are prepared on-site.